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Miggy Montenegro. All Rights Reserved. In. Watch here or on Apple devices. Also available on smart TVs and streaming platforms. Comedy 1 hr 46 min.

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In. A Very Special Love Hide Spoilers. A Surprisingly Special Love Indeed charliekoon 3 August Every local film pitched with a romantic theme will never escape this harsh pre-judgment; it is a copycat, 'baduy' or trashy. As the saying goes, "Don't judge a book by its cover. The story is about a moody Editor-in-chief Miggy Montenegro who is in the verge of losing his staff as well as his men's magazine, Bachelor.

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The plot is fairly identifiable to the movie The Devil Wears Prada wherein a recent college graduate gets a job as an assistant to a powerful magazine editor. But this time, it is a love story. Although originality in the story is not a strong quality nevertheless the basic necessities of a Romantic Comedy were all addressed.

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Geronimo's performance in particular was quite a revelation. From her quirky antics, and humorous lines, to her on-screen charisma, the audience can't stop laughing and crying and giggling and laughing again, a metaphoric state just like the theme, Love. On the other note, Cruz's character was made complex and was wisely portrayed. He plays a not-so-likable character you will despise at first sight. But as the film thoroughly progress, you will sympathize with him and be captivated with his charisma.

I don't want to elaborate any further as to how his character was layered as this might reveal the twists. The probably advantage in having Star Cinema produce a film is the technical quality will not be compromised. Although I have qualms in certain dialogue scenes that were dubbed and its live recording needs to be improved.

Too much musical scoring is what I loath in most mainstream local films. Moderation might ultimately be the cure. Romantic comedy films are movies with light-hearted, humorous plot lines, centered on romantic ideals such as true love being able to surmount most obstacles. This is what this film offers. It is simple in definition, but hard to attain. Was this review helpful? I used to hate watching romantic films, especially those Filipino romance movies, because they are too mainstream. However, this movie is quite different.

It just showed that Filipinos can also create their own quality movie.

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The comedic lines were inserted very smoothly that makes the audience laugh in no time. Such is a great talent, because not everyone can make someone laugh.

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Also, their portrayals of heavy dramatic scenes were very sharp and bold. Even if one has no experience about love or family rivalry, it is undeniable that almost everyone can relate to their story. Second: The storyline was well-founded. I love the fact that the producers finally thought of mixing genres so that the flow of the movie will be as exciting as it should be.

The combination of having a family drama and romance is already good, but adding comedy is excellent. At least, they are valiant enough to try a different mix of sorts to give the audience new tastes of quality Pinoy movies. Third: The scenes were virtuous to produce a movie that was never seen in the Philippine cinema ever before. Finally, the altering of clips from the traditional Filipino romance films has come. It is a great feeling that you can feel the 'kilig factor' with the new movie formula they were able to formulate.

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Being a technical critic, I would only reprobate some switching of scenes where the lighting and the amount of rainfall changes between clips. I think they could have improved this one because it is quite obvious that the sun is shining on one clip and when it turned to a different angle, it turned darker. Also, I'd criticize the cinematography. There was not much camera rolling techniques that was used in the movie. Either way, I think this one is not much necessary for a romantic film because still cameras may do for such kind of movie. Generally, I'd give it a score of 7.

There should be a campaign to ask Star Cinema to at least, stop from making romantic- comedies for a while, though its the only genre making money, otherwise we might end up as diabetics with all these saccharine-filled, artificially and inorganic laden rom-com movies, seriously! But, still, the story and screenplay still needs a lot of work.

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First, she's not that strikingly pretty, compared to his ex-gf, and we didn't get to see Miguel's relationship with his Brazilian ex-gf, except for a scene where he makes Laida deliver flowers to her. OK, so we get it that he has no time, but we still don't know how deep the relationship is. Which makes Laida's contrived arrival, being the new editorial assistant, suspicious. And what do we get? Forced "scenes" meant to generate shrieks and "ooohs, aaahs" from the audience.

Enough of that! The sun dance? Where'd it come from? It is funny, but to use it out of the blue without planting it earlier on the movie diminishes its effect. I must say though that the revelation about Miguel's mom was good. At least, it gave some light as to why he's like that. Still, the story and screenplay feels lacking, and to top it off, we get back-to-back monologue, dramatic scenes between Miguel and his dad, Laida and her mom and the icing on the cake, that very cheesy, nauseating scene in the end where Miguel says sorry to Laida in the rain!

All I want to do at that moment is vomit. I'm a romantic person, but there is no romance at all at that contrived, trite, artificial and inorganic moment.

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I agree with top 2 reviews. TBH i saw this because a friend of mine wrote the script. Both lloydie and sarah g are natural actors and extremely charming on screen individually. Sarah G is a happy medium, except she doesn't have the sexy factor -- which renders the script useless because, character-wise, a model-dating rich boy like lloydie's character will probably be shallow enough to dismiss his EA just because she wasn't attractive enough. She is too wholesome to be in this role. A really good love story should have passion and sex not necessarily sex scenes exploding from their eyes.

THey had NO sexy scenes nor did they have kissing scenes The director put in this very short dream sequence during the meeting which I find to be inspired by anime. I literally chortled. Sarah's character was refreshing. And sometimes, well sometimes you don't really need sex scenes or kissing scenes, for that matter for a good love story.

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Everyone just wants to live out their own inner Cinderella, and they don't have to be of the poor class to dream. Sukob Star Cinema, Ang Tanging Ina Star Cinema, Kasal,Kasali,Kasalo Star Cinema, One More Chance Star Cinema, Caregiver Star cinema, M 7. A Love story Star Cinema, Enteng Kabisote3 Octoarts, M 9.

Sakal,Sakali,Saklolo Star Cinema, I don't have yet their gross income.

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I have been away from the Philippines for 22 years. I hated watching Filipino films because they are too loud, the acting is non-existent, everybody talks at the same time, the soundtrack overwhelms the dialogues, the plot is just impossible. This movie happens to be one of those exceptions. Just as any romantic Filipino movie, this one is schmaltzy, cheesy and full of the kilig factor. Well, we're Filipinos, so what?