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Come on down to Club Alex's in Stoughton, Massachusetts. Club Alex's strip club is known for offering the best table dances in Stoughton, Massachusetts. Exotic dancers and drinks. SCL Main. Strip Club Reviews. Strip Club Comments.

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This place has changed a lot since the days of being attached to a few trailers towards the back. It seems more spacious, less confined than it used to be several years ago. I went on a weeknight, place was not packed, makes sense early in the week. The strippers were okay, and the lap dance area is good but not exactly hidden like the foxy lady.

So free show for all I guess. I guess I'd rather go to Stoughton than Brockton, so location helps. Don't use the atm, and of course drink beforehand.

Club alex's - stoughton, massachusetts strip club

The only bar I have ever been requiring that you are seated, irregardless of how long you may have been there. Never going here ever again I can't really review what I didn't see. They Malcom seems to control the wave of people coming through the door by race and stereotypes. My friends and I 4 white guys were patently waiting after they let a couple who were behind us go in before us.

Club alex's

A black couple After 25 minutes of waiting. A wave of black guys come up behind us.

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There were about 6 of them. Malcom comes out and talks to them on more of a personal level, swearing, and smoking with them not professional at all. He eventually goes back inside and radios the other doorman tells us that Malcom said we can't come in because "we're too drunk". All of us haven't had anything to drink in the past 3 hours.

We asked to talk to a manger and got nothing. We left and as we leave they let all of the 6 guys behind us in. Malcoms buddies. We were not drunk at all, just a couple guys looking to do something out of boredom.

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I suggest everyone takes their money elsewhere. Foxy Lady is down the road about 5 minutes. Go there. Single Mom's need employment too. This place is such a dive but sometimes it is fun. Sometimes they get a handful of nice girls in here.

It is no Foxy Lady, the place is small and you will be pressured to cough up money but usually a good time non-the-less. I like to support my local single moms. Sweet Baby Jesus, no. For nooothing. All the girls look like crack he- they were so skinny that you could legitimately see their ribs, and they were not attractive. There was one stripper who actually knew what she was doing, and all the others were just. The waitress for some reason was hotter than the strippers- and the woman walking around asking to give back rubs.

I'm sorry but she was so ugly that she was even turned down in a strip club. They then had the little game where people can crumble their 1's into little balls and throw them into a shotglass that the stripper is holding on to The little lesbian show was kind of weird.

They ate each other out and seemed more excited to see each other than any of the clients, understandably. It was bad. I wouldn't recommend it. I'm disappointed I have been going here for years and have made it a ritual to go after every home pats games.

Club alex's - stoughton, massachusetts strip club

The door guy big black dude if that matters said he smelt alcohol. I explained wearing a pats jersey that I just came from the game and the clown behind me spilt beer on me.

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I was clearly not drunk. He knew we were not drunk and smiled after turning us away, which pissed me off!! I will be going to the Golden Banana from now on. Girls are hands down better looking, building is set up is better, and the people are better!! R u serious! Most of the women were not much entertainment. Here is my night, I buy a 6 pack and a couple nips at 5pm, head my girls house and have a few beers and dinner. After left I on the way back decided to stop by Alex'sat aroundempty my pockets of all the pens and condoms not allowed and inadvertently left a nip in my coat pocket.

I offered to throw it outleave it outside ect. They tell me not tonight your not getting in so come back another time. Are you serious?

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Even if they are the next town over I'm taking my business elsewhere. Seriously People Rating a Strip Club??? Girls are Nude, Beer is Expensive, Food?? Well just just say "I'm not that daring! Probably 10 other dudes all there stag These are definitely the creepy dudes your mother warned you about.

Yeahhh that should do. Most were fat, most were ugly. The only attractive one was Sapphire, and when I bought my friend a dance from her, he said that she wanted some cocaine. No, not good. Seriously, I think I saw some drug dealers in that place, in addition to nerdy looking guys who looked more in place at a Star Wars convention than a strip club.

No, that stripper does not wanna trade pokemon cards, stop asking. Sweet lord, you just read that right.

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Going here once is enough. Alex's is not as skanky as they come. Tip about Alex's I imagine this means you'll get a quality massage. Also, when I was at Alex's once, one of the bouncers hit on me all night. Naked drug addicts, Yaaaaa! They do have food if you dare. Due to the ever-changing nature of this industry, it is suggested that you call prior to visiting.

Report Claim. Leave a review or a tip Review Source:. The only bar I have ever been requiring that you are seated, irregardless of how long you may have been there Review Source:. Download the app!

Club alex's

Also Nearby Also Nearby Businesses. Club Luiz De Camoes. Norwood Theatre. Recent Articles Recent Popular. Stoughton, MA.

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