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The man that you were once so crazy about turned out to be a complete jerk, and for the longest time, you failed to see it…. Or did you? Many of us are in relationships asking ourselves this question right now. Unable to make a decision to stay or go, second guessing our intuition.

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20 easy-to-miss s you’re in love with the wrong person

Sometimes in the quest of finding love, we find ourselves in the wrong relationships. However, there are always s that you are dating the wrong person. Identifying a wrong partner is hard because it requires us to be honest with ourselves. It is possible to love someone and yet know that they are wrong for you. Here are s that you are dating the wrong person.

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It is normal for couples to fight but excessive fighting could be a that you are dating the wrong person. In a healthy relationship, partners work through the arguments.

2. they think the world revolves around them.

When dating the wrong person the arguments keep coming up over many things. If you are fighting over everything then it could be a that you are dating the wrong person because you have different ideas on many things. The other person is also not willing to accommodate your views which in the constant fighting. Experts say that the first person that one should think of when something happens, good or bad should be your partner.

It could be that you are in trouble but you opt to call other people to help you out. Often your friends will not like your partner.

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Sometimes it is difficult because they feel no one is good enough for you. However, if most of your friends do not like your partner then there is a problem somewhere. If your partner and friends cannot hang out in peace then you should re-evaluate your relationship.

Relationships: s that you are dating the wrong person

Most times you already know that you are dating the wrong person. If you truly had an honest conversation with yourself then you would identify the red flags and act on them. As a result of such feelings, you constantly find yourself thinking of breaking up with them but ending a relationship is easier said than done.

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Many relationships lack balance. One person holds more than the other one.

10 s he is the wrong guy for you

If you do not feel like your partner listens to you and acts accordingly then you are with the wrong person. Listening to your partner is evident in many ways.

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If a person listens to you then they avoid things that annoy you. They also communicate with you in a way that shows that they understand you.

10 s you're dating the wrong person

Listening to you also shows in things like choices of activities together or gifts. If you feel that your partner imposes their ideas on you without considering what you think then you are probably dating the wrong person.

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In a healthy relationship, you look forward to seeing the other person. If you are in a situation where spending time with them is no longer something that excites you then there is a problem. This is closely related to your friends not liking your partner. Your family has known you for a long time and they can probably see things that you cannot.

1. he becomes too controlling

Analyze why your family does not like your partner because it is probably from a point of genuine concern. Sometimes you like someone so much that you act differently around them. You are not yourself around them. The version of you that your friends know of you is totally different from you are with your partner. If you find yourself struggling to be a certain way with your partner then you are probably dating the wrong person.

If your partner makes you feel small then they are wrong for you. If they belittle your ideas and thoughts then walk away. They can make you feel small by degrading your job, negatively comments on your weight or looks as well as ignoring your ideas.

19 s you’re totally dating the wrong person altogether

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