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Underneath, in smaller, cruder letters, the management had scrawled what it considered a liberated afterthought: Women Also Welcome. Now why in the name of male bonding would a smart young smut peddler with a choice midtown location want to let women in?

Women Also Welcome? Sexism aside, it was clearly a of the times. The pornography industry, solemn protector and leering nurturer of man's most secret and profane sex life, is suddenly trying—with all the fumbling urgency of an adolescent lover—to go coed.

It was probably inevitable.

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Pornography—for either sex—has been defined as whatever turns the Supreme Court on. More seriously, the word is generally applied to the explicit depiction, in books, films or photographs, of sexual organs and sexual acts, in a manner deed to elicit a strong erotic response in the reader or viewer. The word itself derives from Greek terms that mean writing about harlots—thus, any graphic reprecentation of illicit sexual material. Some social scientists have observed that all societies need pornography—and also need to suppress it, since, like prostitution, it is an outlet for all the sexual feelings that are otherwise socially unacceptable.

But, historically, men have been the primary consumers—as well as the pushers—of both pornography and prostitution. Thus, even voyeurism—intense erotic interest in watching other people's sexual behavior, a trait on which pornography feeds—has been a traditionally male phenomenon; psychiatrists have encountered few peeping tomboys among adult women.

Viva, Playgirl and Foxylady all feature male nude pinups—centerfolded, coyly posed and genitally exposed—plus a dizzying assortment of titillating articles and advice on sexrelated topics: Pubic hair styles Vivahow to use a bidet Foxylady and why orgasmic women should be kinder to premature ejaculators Playgirl. So far, however, women haven't quite warmed to the subject. Some women who read these magazines protest that they do so despite the male nude pinups, which they find either silly or irritating—not sexy. Are they lying?

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Or merely repressed? Are they secretly turned on but not admitting it to themselves? Are younger women more stimulated than older ones? The answer is some or all of the above.

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Many women do lie about their sexual response; they always have. Only the content of the lie changes from one generation to the next—from the Victorian woman denying all response to the loving wife faking orgasm to please her man.

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What a woman says she feels; indeed, what she may very well think she feels, still depends to a dismaying extent on what the dominant male culture expects of her at the moment. But by whose standard? Classic porn always described men in a satyriasislike condition of permanent sexual excitement, the Kronhausens observed.

Thousands of women will read another woman's book whose heroine pursues erotic equal rights by what used to be called sleeping around.

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I talked to a of women about the pictures in Viva and Playgirl. Women who have seen male homosexual pinup magazines describe those photographs as somehow more sensual and appealing than the ones in Viva or Playgirl, if only because it is evident that the photographer, model and magazine editors all think of the male body as an erotic object —and know how to present it as such. There is no seduction, virtually no romantic suspense, and only perfunctory foreplay kissing, caressing, sensual interaction. Women moviegoers, syas Ms. In fact, some women have said they would have been less aroused by the sight of a nude Brando whose body failed to match the Adonis in their Brando fantasies.

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Yet few women ever bothered to ask for such material and, until recently, few men thought they ever would. Any man who attempted to excite his female partner by showing her his etchings was, the Kinsey researchers warned, bound to be disappointed.

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In fact, a glimpse of male sex organs might actually inhibit a woman's sexual response. There were, however, some glaring inconsistencies in the Kinsey portrait of woman as a psychologically unmovable sex object.

Indeed, they were erotically stimulated more often, and often more intensely, than men were. Robert J. Women and young girls in various studies have reported intense genital response—even orgasmic response—to such diverse psychological stimuli as popular song lyrics, television soap operas about illegitimate pregnancy, and most of all, to the rich visual imagery of their own erotic daydreams—sexy pictures, to be sure, but privately screened, and often starring everything but the genitals.

Among the most intriguing:.

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Whether guilt and auxiety affect women reading erotic stories. Finding, in a study of 72 college women at the University of Connecticut: They did feel anxious and guilty —but they also felt aroused. Whether husbands and wives respond similarly to erotica. What kind of erotic films produce the highest degree of female arousal?

The women preferred, and were ificantly more stimulated by, films in which a man related to a woman, even if cruelly. Whether a woman's sexual fantasies and desires increase after seeing porno films and slides.

This device reportedly can measure increased blood volume in the vagina, revealing objectively whether the wearer is actually experiencing sexual arousal while viewing a sexually explicit film.

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Kinsey didn't take into the crucial role played by repressive cultural influences in shaping sexual response; the Kinsey report on women took it for granted that whatever was discovered about how women reacted to psychological stimuli was biologically determined. Since Kinsey, however, a of theorists—again, mostly male —have swung to the opposite extreme, tending to blame inhibiting cultural forces for everything women feel — or don't feel—that differs from men's feelings.

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In other words, the assumption here is that women need to be culturally retrained, and that men are the ones to do it. The coach knows enough not to expect his rookie players to warm up the first time out.

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So the game plan is to give them time—and more training. After all, the theory goes, if you keep telling women it's now O. She will, in effect, meet the male standard of sexual response. Unless, of course, she has a problem. But the fact is, cultural repression is not the whole story, any more than biology was.

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Much of this information comes from the work of Dr. Money has suggested that a high level of androgen may influence whether a woman responds erotically to a nude picture of a man. Frank Beach, a University of California psychologist noted for his investigations of animal sexual behavior, has also theorized that control of the human female's sexual behavior may be primarily hormonal, while the male's is primarily cortical.

But nobody knows for sure. The likeliest explanation is that gender differences—and also individual differences—in erotic response are formed by both nature and nurture, in varying proportions. Money and Ehrhardt accept the premise that both men and women can be equally stirred by, say, a nude picture, but they explain that what goes on in the woman's erotic imagination differs fundamentally from what occurs in the man's.

This is their description of the difference:. The man sees the girl in the picture as an object of desire. A woman seeing the same picture may be just as intensely stimulated by it, but in a very different way. I interviewed several bisexual women on this question, and all reported that they see the woman in the picture first as a sexual object and only secondarily as an image to identify with. One bisexual woman I talked to added that when she sees a picture of a man and woman making love, she identifies with the man and imagines herself arousing the woman.

B ut what if the picture shows a sexy man? Money's view is that most heterosexual men will pay no attention to it, and that most women won't either—because they cannot identify with or project themselves into the image of the male figure. Thus nobody will find the male nude erotic, except a homosexual male who is attracted to it as a sexual object. Some recent research in this area, however, casts doubt on Money's belief in the innateness of these responses.

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Robert E. Audience reactions to male nudity in the theater tend to confirm this view. Could this be why the male nude photos in Viva and Playgirl seem so unsexy? It seems likely. If the male editors and photographers do not—or cannot—let themselves see the erotic potential of the male figures they are displaying, the cannot help but reveal that discomfort. In a recent interview, Guccione, the publisher of Penthouse and Viva, described the charged, seductive atmosphere he tries to achieve before shooting pictures of a nude female for Penthouse.

Some women readers have also noted that the male models selected for Viva and Playgirl often have unusually large penises. Women in general have no such illusion—and no such interest in oversized penises.

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Unlike the male star of an ordinary romantic movie, Reems failed to give women viewers a character to fall in love with. It almost begins to seem as if they don't really want to. In researching this article, I interviewed 50 women—not a scientific sample, but a miscellaneous group, including erotic artists, psychiatrists and sex researchers as well as housewives, college women and a of writers whose fiction and nonfiction work, like my own, had often focused on women's erotic feelings and responses.