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All spanking must be safe, sane, and consensual. My blog relates to keeping the Loving and sexual aspect of your relationship alive and well. No one model fits all couples. We play to keep the spice in life for fantastic sex.

About me

I am aching, and feel a sympathetic burn just reading this. I used a massage therapist several years ago who was a Dominant. She did not spank me as she preferred to stick with her own subs, but saw my spanked bottom and always commented.

She was absolutely professional during the massage.

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Far, far more than I could endure. My wife seldom gets past 20 of anything before she loses interest or is afraid she's damaged me. My most severe spanking involved six strokes of the cane. Welts were left even though the skin was not broken. The whistling noise a cane makes before striking is both frightening and erotic.

I am always spanked on all fours on the bed. A riding crop is my wife's I instrument of choice. Her friend Liz has caned me twice.

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I cried like a little girl after the second stroke. I am always dressed pretty and that always includes a petticoat or a crinoline. The ritual of raising of my skirts over my back is very sensuous and sends me deep into subspace. My orgasms always include swallowing. Girlish and humiliating. We love your blog! Seems pretty mild - 6 - no matter how hard.

Imagine if you had to endure 36? I would be interested in hearing how long it took for the marks to disappear.

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I am flabbergasted. That's the thing. He heals so fast. Little trace a day later. Literally no trace two days later. That's why a husband's butt and thighs are where "nature intended" he be punished.

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Intense agony during. Hardly any effects soon after. Hello, Ms. Julie, I definitely think you're right when you say "I think I am one of a relatively small percentage of women who can really enjoy whipping her man this hard. Thank you as always! I have spoken with some women who feel the same. They enjoy doling out the spankings up to a point, but at a certain point it just strikes them as brutal and they don't enjoy it any more.

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I don't have that, and I mean at all. I spank my husband but sometimes feel it has not been effective.

Husband spankings

I have left go a few times and the effect on him was dramatic. I would like to do that more often but how do you know when to stop. He begs and whines after the first ten so that doesn't tell me much and he has only cried twice so I can't count on that. I do not punish him until I have cooled down and know spanking him angry is wrong because I would be out of control. I am not afraid to spank him hard and long if necessary even beyond real tears. But how do you know when he has had enough? Just work him up to it, a little more each time: a little longer, a little harder each time.

This will build your own confidence that you won't injure him, and will teach him the lesson that he actually can take it and emerge with no permanent ill effects. Just be careful of your aim.

Spanking my husband

Concentrate on the center of his ass cheeks and on the undersides of the cheeks. Don't wrap around unless you mean to. Remember that the tip of the implement does the most damage, so keep that nice and centered and then go to town. You can also alternate with giving him lighter spankings some of the time, which will keep his interest high. Julie, your apt phrase " Ma'am, since you mention not spanking him angry, it suggested to me part of your idea with those word might be "he has had enough What's enough for each of us to feel our relative places back in balance may not be enough for me to understand how badly I've screwed up or for her to feel justice has truly been served.

Her feelings and perceptions or yours, or Ms. And as Ms. Julie points out, she's learned over time she can be much more severe with me than she'd have thought early on. Restraints were helpful.

More domestic discipline

In cases of actual punishment, it also helped to have a facet in addition to a beating--the two times I've been made to sleep on the floor at the foot of the bed really brought the point home. Best wishes to you, and appreciation to Ms. My wife and I recently returned from a 3-day outing at a private cabin in the woods, during which I was on the receiving end of 5 spanking sessions.

Individually, none were as severe as this one, but my bottom looked much like David's by the time she was finished with me on the last day. I think I took nearly 60 strokes with the cane in just that last session.

Pam spanks her husband

I couldn't get enough and kept asking her for more - "thank you, ma'am; may I have another please"? Thank you Julie for sharing these detailed s, which nearly always make me hard, but also provide great ideas for new ways my wife can punish my bare bottom! What an image!

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Love it. It turns me on in fact.

Just thank your lucky stars she does choose to "display" you to any of her friends! Have you eve made him cum, with or without your assistance. There is no arousal to take the edge off the pain. I have indeed. I agree it seems to hurt him much more, right from the first spank. I get daily spanking from my wife, it is always with her slippers and sandals.

She has quite a big collection as we buy at least one or two every month. If I do something bad it is a dose of the cane after the slipper. I always think I want to be treated so harshly It keeps me from thrashing about during discipline training which I both need and crave. To be honest, Miss Julie I think She kinda prefers when I do baby out, because then it ends up with K, Since you can't take a spanking I think you should describe in detail what these other things are and how they make you feel: Julie, Good job on the spanking, very hot.

How long was David sore for? Ted the Switch.

Spanked hubby

Really only into the next day, and next day was more "awareness of having been spanked" than "sore" according to him. I shall have to try harder for the "you won't be sitting down for a week, young man! Having been your sketch-slut for a couple of years now Ma'am I think I have a false sense that I could 'take' one of your spankings with some sense of control or comfort. Then I read this and I know in reality I'd be the a puddle well before the end. But I still yearn for it. Talk about being one of a small percentage of people All this nonsense from men about "taking it" or not being able to "take it".

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Yes, I believe it's an extra level of satisfaction to beat a man's butt raw. What no hairbrush? Are you going soft on us Julie? Hope you made him do more sitting than he needed to on that sore bottom. Well he got paddled, which is more or less the same thing. Wood should always be part of the lesson

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