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Leo Marvin, the exasperated psychiatrist treating cripplingly phobic patient Bob Wiley. It's a stroke of brilliance from the renowned doctor, even if it ends up backfiring spectacularly. It's a doctor's order that many modern American workers should heed, but for a variety of reasons do not. Whether it's a packed schedule, fear of the expense, or other personal matters taking priority, Americans are chronic under-vacationers. How can they be expected to have a nice vacation when work is all-consuming?

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Faculty Perspective.

These "what about bob?" quotes have the prescription for a truly restful vacation

What About Bob is a great, and comedic, example of a dysfunctional and inappropriate patient-psychiatrist relationship. Leo Marvin Richard Dreyfuss did not know what we he was getting into when his colleague asked him to take Bob on as a patient. As Bob describes it, he has obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder with agoraphobia, hypochondria, multiple phobias, as well as a very dependent personality.

This dependent personality, anxiety, and multiple fears cause Bob to go above and beyond i.

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Marvin, who is away on vacation with his family. Marvin, Bob decides to vacation there too.

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All accept Dr. Anna Dr. He helps Sigmund Dr. As the movie progresses Bob continues to severely annoy and aggravate Dr. Bob has a lack of boundaries and that seems to be okay with everyone except Dr. So much so that Dr. Marvin plots to kill Bob. Which of course does not work but instead gets Dr. Marvin admitted to a psychiatric hospital. To make matters worse for Dr. Marvin, Bob is now Dr. Bob marries Lily, Dr.

Marvin and his family and friends make me realize, there may be some truth to that statement. Most presentable is germaphobia, but he really fears just about anything. He is very neurotic and easily forms extreme attachments to people and things he gets comfortable with. Dreyfuss plays Dr. Leo Marvin a successful psychiatrist with a huge ego, who thinks he has a grip on everything.

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He never gets angry or upset. He thinks he knows how to handle anyone or any situation with ease and clarity. The interview is to take place during his family vacation at Lake Winnipesaukee. His relationship with his family is somewhat strained, which we see while he is on vacation with his family.

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Another psychologist who is leaving his practice and getting out of town, most presumably because of Bob and his neurotic nature, pawns off Bob to Dr. Leo Marvin. Bob feels great about his initial session, he has hope and for the first time in his life he has found someone that can truly help him.

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Leo informs Bob that their next meeting will be after his month-long vacation. Bob has no intention of leaving Leo alone and in peace on his vacation. Upon arriving at Lake Winnipesaukee, Bob gets off the bus and immediately starts frantically yelling for Leo. Whereas, Leo is seen as uptight and dull. Leo feels he is losing his family to Bob. He makes several attempts to get rid of Bob, even writing Bob a prescription for his own vacation away from his problems. This backfires as Bob decides to vacation at Lake Winnipesaukee, staying with the shop owners who coincidentally despise Leo for buying their dream home at the lake.

First, Leo tries to commit Bob to a psychiatric facility, but they do not think Bob is crazy. We actually see Bob charming the staff with psychiatric jokes. Now, Leo is not just looking like a schmuck to his family but to his colleagues.

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He then tries to ditch Bob in the middle of nowhere. He lunges and attacks Bob in front of his friends and family.

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He steps outside to speak with the family and Bob, and starts writing a prescription for Prozac. The doctor agrees and rewrites the prescription.

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We also see a role reversal where Leo is now the crazy one. When Leo hears everyone leave from outside his room, he sneaks out of the house and goes into town.

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He breaks into a general store, where he steals 20 pounds of explosives, rope, a rifle, and various other things. Leo finds Bob. While pointing the rifle at him, he le Bob into the woods.

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The baby step is to untie the knots. He is now cured.

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Leo thinks he is free of Bob and is now in good spirits, hugging and talking to his family. All of sudden, Bob appears coming from the house with a cake with candles. Leo, in a panic, asks where the bombs are.

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Bob tells him they are inside the house. The house then explodes sending Leo into a catatonic state. Bob is now part of the family. Upon the screen we see these words:. Leo is suing for rights.

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If the past indicates anything for the present or future, we can assume the relationship will remain a chaotic one. About Us Why Psychiatric Pharmacists?

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