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HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. It harms your immune system by destroying the white blood cells that fight infection. AIDS stands for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. It is the final stage of infection with HIV. There is no cure, but there are many medicines to treat both HIV infection and the infections and cancers that come with it.

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HIV infection impacts a growing of women in Illinois each year.

What are early s of hiv in men and women?

Many hundreds of other women are probably living with HIV even though they are unaware of their own infection. Nationally, HIV infection is the leading cause of death for African-American women between the ages of 25 and Caucasian women for 16 percent of Illinois women living with HIV, while the Caucasian population represents more than 73 percent of Illinois residents. The majority of new HIV cases in women are the result of sexual behaviors; roughly two out of every three new infections in women are the result of unprotected sexual intercourse.

The remaining new cases in Illinois are largely due to sharing needles and works while using injection drugs. During heterosexual intercourse, women are usually more exposed to bodily fluids than their male partners. Women, especially young women, may be more vulnerable because they may be afraid to say no to sex or to insist that their partner use a condom.

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Injection drug use that includes the sharing of needles or other equipment with injection partners also places women at risk for HIV. If you are a woman who is using or has used injection drugs in the past 10 years, or if you have a sexual partner who has used injection drugs, you may be at high risk for HIV infection. If you have a sexual partner who has been in jail, or who may have had sex with other men at some time, you also may be at high risk for HIV. Many people have no symptoms when they first become infected with HIV. Some people may have a flu-like illness including fever, headache, tiredness and enlarged lymph nodes within a month or two after exposure to the virus.

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These symptoms usually disappear within a week to a month and are often mistaken for those of another viral infection. More severe symptoms may not appear for 10 years or more.

Early hiv symptoms

As the immune system worsens, a variety of complications start to occur. Other symptoms often experienced months to years before the onset of AIDS include:. Most symptoms of HIV disease are similar in men and women. Women who have HIV can have additional symptoms that happen more often.

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These include:. Most of the conditions affecting people with AIDS are opportunistic infections that generally do not affect healthy people. In people with AIDS, these infections are often severe and sometimes fatal because the immune system is so ravaged by HIV that the body cannot fight off the infection.

What are the symptoms of hiv in women?

Symptoms of opportunistic infections common in people with AIDS include:. People with AIDS also are particularly prone to developing various cancers. These cancers are usually more aggressive and difficult to treat in people with AIDS. HIV is transmitted through bodily fluids like blood and semen. Using injection drugs, having unprotected sex and having multiple sex partners increases the chances of acquiring HIV. The only way to be absolutely certain you do not become infected with HIV is to not have sex and not use injection drugs.

You also can avoid infection by only having one sex partner as long as your partner does not have HIV and has sex only with you.

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According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention CDCusing a male or female condom every time you have vaginal or anal sex can greatly lower your risk of infection. Using condoms for oral sex will reduce your risk for other STDs as well. It also is important not to douche, since douching removes some of the normal vaginal bacteria that can protect you from infection. An HIV antibody test, either from a blood sample or an oral sample Orasurecan tell whether you have been infected. A negative test result means no HIV antibodies were found.

This usually means you are not infected.

How hiv differs from men by the stage of infection

However, if you engaged in behavior that could spread the virus within three months of having the test, antibodies may not be detectable and you should be re-tested. A positive test result means antibodies to HIV were found. This means you are infected with the virus and can pass HIV to others even if you have no symptoms.

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You are infected for life. Even if you think you have a low risk for HIV infection, consider getting tested whenever you have a regular medical check-up.

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People living with HIV will need lifelong treatment. The best treatments right now are combinations of prescription drugs.

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These medications include antiviral treatment, protease inhibitors and other drugs that help people who are living with HIV stay healthy. People living with HIV also can stay healthy by doing things like eating properly, exercising and getting enough sleep.

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Most women with HIV can protect their baby from becoming infected during pregnancy. Proper pre-natal treatment can reduce the risk that an HIV-positive mother will pass the virus to her child to less than 1 percent. The only way these special treatments can be provided is if the health care professionals know the mother is living with HIV. Treatment is most effective when started early in pregnancy. People are at risk for HIV when they practice risky behaviors.

Women who identify as lesbian or gay can be at risk for HIV by practicing any of the behaviors that place women at risk. Lesbian women have become infected with HIV by using injection drugs or having unprotected sex with male or female partners who are already infected with HIV. Other symptoms often experienced months to years before the onset of AIDS include: lack of energy or fatigue weight loss frequent low-grade fevers and night sweats frequent yeast infections in the mouth skin rashes or flaky skin that is hard to heal short-term memory loss Most symptoms of HIV disease are similar in men and women.

Later hiv/aids symptoms

These include: vaginal yeast infections other vaginal infections such as bacterial vaginosis; common sexually transmitted diseases STDs like gonorrhea, Chlamydia and trichomoniasis; human papillomavirus HPV infections that cause genital warts and can lead to cervical cancer; pelvic inflammatory disease PID infection of a women's reproductive organs and menstrual cycle changes, such as not having periods What is the difference between HIV and AIDS?

Symptoms of opportunistic infections common in people with AIDS include: coughing and shortness of breath seizures and lack of coordination difficult or painful swallowing mental symptoms such as confusion and thoughtfulness severe and persistent diarrhea fever vision loss nausea, abdominal cramps and vomiting weight loss extreme fatigue severe headaches coma People with AIDS also are particularly prone to developing various cancers.

How can a woman reduce her chances of contracting HIV? How is HIV diagnosed? We know that men who have sex with men in Illinois are at higher risk for HIV. What about women who have sex with women?

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